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I agree with this wholeheartedly. So many businesses fiddle around waiting for everything to be "just so" and in doing so miss out on sales and opportunities. Sometimes you have to go with "good enough" and have the courage to adapt as you go.

The biggest lesson is that 9 months down the line, the business you started with will almost certainly not be the business you have. You can either embrace the excitement of that journey or you can cling on to your original plan and quite possibly fail through your own closed mind.


Excellent blog and very fitting to where I am. I'm working on a demo of a new service and I know i can't get it a 100% at the moment but good enough to show potential clients. As the program I use gets updated the work gets better faster easier so you develop better services and products.


Because it is not 100% when you go to your clients the rest will come with feedback from your clients their ideas of how they would like to see the product/service.


it is easier to amend it slightly to target different niche markets.

Ces And I believe that a good business is a business that keeps evolving keeps learning.

Have a great week




Thanks so much for your comments. I am always worried when I go in to talk to businesses or people about new ideas they have. The reasons range but I always come back to the same thing you will never get 100% so the agony, anxiety, and wait can't really be worth it - can they?

Roland Daniels

I have been mentoring a new start up recently, their proposed brand and trading name was just awful, however despite my advice, they are determind to push on with it. The idea is so firmly stuck in their minds that they will not listen to outsiders or any kind of critism. It will I believe become impossible to give them further guidance if they maintain this attitude but all one can do is keep pressing !



Thanks so much for the comment. Of course the article is not intended to suggest do anything, there must be a basic foundation. The issue is generally one of people wanting perfection and that stops them doing anything.

I am sure you are aware fo this but I would add, that with brand names etc is to remember you may not be the target audience and therefore it is not designed to appeal to you. Sometimes it is easy to forget it needs to appeal to the target. I am sure this is not the case here but I have seen these things happen often, especially when men are targetting women.

In terms of their behaviour at this junction, I believe you have to accept that as a mentor you wish to do the best by the mentee but at the end of the day the decision and any repercussions are theirs.

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